earn 20% on each
plugin sale
earn 20% on each club
membership sale
and, also earn 20% on each addon sale

Join Dev4Press Affiliate Program, and earn 20% on each sale made by visitors coming to Dev4Press website through your affiliate links. Each vistor is tracked by 60 day expiration cookie.

Dev4Press Affiliate Program uses MyCommerce ShareIt Affiliate Network to track your commissions and handle all handle payments for your earnings. You can receive your payments via check, wire transfer or direct deposit (for US based banks).

Learn about the program

Make sure to read all FAQ information and Terms and Conditions.

FAQ · Terms & Conditions

Signup for the program

Register account with MyCommerce ShareIt, and complete the setup.

Account Setup

Earn with Dev4Press

Get the affiliate links, use our promotional banners, and earn on each sale.

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Program Benefits

  • You will earn up to 20% from each sale. On one sale you can earn up to $1600.00 (Dev4Press Club Membership Agency Lifetime license).
  • Our affiliate tracking cookies are set to 60 days. This will ensure that your users have enough time to make the purchase.
  • We will provide you with banners to use on your website(s). This will include special holiday banners a few times a year.
  • We will provide you with an easy way to get affiliate ready links.
  • We can provide you with a unique discount coupon to offer to visitors of your website.
  • Payments are sent once a month (if the balance is $100.00 or more).
  • Payments are sent via check, wire transfer or direct deposit (US banks).

Basic Terms

  • You’re not allowed to earn commissions from your own purchases.
  • Do not use PPC advertising to promote our products using Dev4Press affiliate links.
  • Do not send spam messages containing Dev4Press affiliate links.
  • Do not offer incentives or force your users to click Dev4Press affiliate links.
  • Do not alter our logos or banners without our consent.
  • Your websites domain names must not contain the names of our products, name of our company or Dev4Press.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your affiliate account if you are found in breach of our terms and conditions.
  • We reserve the right to change affiliate terms without prior notice.