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Dev4Press Affiliates Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dev4Press Affiliates Program?

Dev4Press Affiliates Program is a way for you to use your website to earn revenue. If you have a website, you can join our affiliates program and promote Dev4Press products by adding links (with special affiliates code included) from your website to yours using text links or banners. Each time your visitors click the affiliate link leading to Dev4Press, and purchase plugins or addons, you will earn a commission.

Dev4Press Affiliates Program is run through Impact Radius Network, and you need to have Impact Radius account.

How can I join the Dev4Press Affiliates Program?

Getting started is easy:

Once you do that, we will review your application, and approve or deny it. We reserve the right to deny the affiliate status if your website doesn’t meet the terms and conditions of our program.

I already have Impact Radius account, how can I apply?

Visit signup page, and you will see the link to login and continue submitting of your affiliate application: Dev4Press Affiliate Signup.

Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?

No. It is free to join our affiliate program.

What kind of website should I have to apply?

If you have a website dedicated to WordPress, web development, graphic or web design, photography, blogs and CMS or forums software, you are welcome to apply and join our Affiliate Program.

How much can I earn?

You can earn 20%, depending on the product:

  • For individual plugin license sales: 20%
  • For club membership license sale: 20%
  • For individual addon license sales: 20%

You will earn the percentage of the gross sales price (listed product price with deducted sales taxes (if applicable), currency conversion charges, discounts, rebates…) actually invoiced to the buyer. If the user buys a single plugin license costing $100.00, using 30% discount coupon, gross price user pays is $70.00, and you earn 20% of that value, making your total earning at around $14.00. This value can differ based on the different factors, and for more information, you can contact ShareIt.

You will earn the percentage of the initial sale only, it doesn’t apply to renewals.

What products earn the commission?

You can earn commission on sales for Dev4Press individual plugins licenses, addons licenses, and plugins club membership license.

How do purchase refunds affect commissions?

If the customer is issued a refund, or if the charges are reversed due to a dispute or fraud, your commission for that transactions is also returned.

How do I get paid?

Impact Radius can make payments via PayPal or Electronic Fund Transfer.

When do I get paid?

Impact Radius sends payments once a month if the minimum payout amount has been reached.

What is a minimum amount I have to earn in order to receive payment?

You can set up your minimum amount for payments.

Will you provide me with promotional banners to use on my website?

Yes. Once your affiliate account is approved, you will get access to the page with banners and link generator.

Can I use affiliate account on more than one of my websites?

Yes. But, make sure that all these websites meet our terms and conditions.

Can I get discount coupons to offer to my website visitors?

Yes. Contact us, and we can provide you with unique coupons, with 10% to 20% discount, based on your affiliate performance.

I have participated in the old affiliate program, do I need to apply again?

Yes, you need to apply again, if you used our old MyCommerce Affiliates Program.

I have some additional questions.

If you need more information, please use the contact form.